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Work Injuries

Although the workers' compensation system in Massachusetts is intended to protect those who are injured at work, it is no small task for an employee to receive the compensation he or she is due for a job site injury.

At O’DONNELL LAW FIRM, our lawyers have decades of experience helping Massachusetts clients through the complex maze of workers' compensation law. We have a thorough knowledge of the system and a track record of success in workers' compensation cases. Our attorneys also bring a compassionate, personalized approach to every injury case we handle.

Do You Need An Attorney For A Workers' Compensation Claim?

While the workers' compensation system is set up to provide you with coverage for injuries suffered at work, the fact is that your employer and its insurance carrier will do anything possible to minimize their costs.

An experienced lawyer from our firm can help you:
  • Avoid the loss of your benefits: Massachusetts law protects the rights of injured workers. However, employers and insurance companies often do not treat people fairly, so you need an attorney to protect your rights.
  • Avoid technical delays in receiving your benefits:In many cases, insurance companies will use the system to delay benefits. You could be waiting months or even years to receive the benefits you need and deserve.
  • Avoid the loss of long-term compensation:Insurance companies frequently try to get injured workers to agree to "pay without prejudice," which allows them to stop paying weekly benefits without the permission of the judge.
Fee Arrangements In Workers' Compensation Cases
Fees in workers' compensation cases are controlled by statute, so there will be no surprises regarding the fees in your case.

If one of our lawyers appears at a conference or a hearing the judge will determine the fee. That fee will be paid by the insurance company. If there is a lump-sum settlement, the lawyer will be paid 15 percent (in an unaccepted case) or 20 percent (in an accepted case).

We offer free initial consultations in workers' compensation cases. Call 978-221-5333 or email Kathy@KMODLAW.com.
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