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Other Serious Injuries

At O’Donnell Law Firm, we represent people who have suffered serious injuries resulting from car crashes, tractor trailer collisions, defective products, medical errors, and construction site injuries. If you have been hurt badly because someone did not act responsibly, we would like to meet with you to hear about what happened to you.
  • How were you injured and what happened to cause your injury?
  • What are the consequences of your injury?
  • Did you need costly medical treatment?
  • Are you unable to work and provide for your family?
  • What type of pain and suffering did you experience?
We will evaluate your case and help you decide upon the best legal action to take. Contact us to begin this process.

Focusing On The Details Of Your Case
We only handle cases in which people have been seriously injured, and we only handle a few cases at a time. This allows us to give great attention to the people who have the greatest need. We are experienced lawyers and dedicated to getting our clients the compensation necessary for them to move forward with their lives.

We have been successful in high-profile, high-stakes cases and are extremely thorough in preparing for trial. At our firm, we will look through your past medical history to see what ailments were caused by or aggravated by the incident.

On your behalf, every aspect of the complicated legal process will be handled by your attorneys, including notifying the defendants, insurance companies and medical providers. We will keep you informed throughout the proceedings and let you know what to expect.

We are extremely familiar with all the legal proceedings pertaining to these cases and have successfully handled many types of personal injury matters.

Contact Us Today
Please email Kathy@KMODLAW.com  or call 978-221-5333 to schedule your initial consultation.
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