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Fall Downs

Thousands of people are injured every winter because they fall on snow and ice. Some of these costly injuries are unavoidable. Many, however, can and should be avoided. If a business entices customers to its establishment, it should not leave accumulated ice and snow on the pathway to the entrance to the store. If a restaurant is hosting a function for the elderly, it must take steps to make sure the walkways are clear of snow and ice. If a company washes the exterior of vehicles in a commercial parking lot on a day when it's fifty degrees but the forecast is for frigid weather overnight, it must be held accountable if someone slips on ice caused by the water residue the next morning.

For many years it was difficult, if not impossible, for people in Massachusetts to hold someone responsible if they fell on snow and ice. Fortunately, our courts changed that. All property owners must act responsibly to remove snow and to treat ice if they invite people onto their property. People are injured seriously when they fall in the winter. There is no give in an ice-covered parking lot – bones are broken. If this happens to you, consult a lawyer. He or she will be able to tell you whether someone's negligence caused your injury. If someone didn't do what he or she should have done, the attorneys at O’DONNELL LAW FIRM will be able to help you.

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