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Dealing with Insurance Companies

Navigating Complex Insurance Laws
According to a well-known appellate judge, navigating the insurance laws is similar to navigating the roads in Massachusetts: nearly impossible. If you have been in an accident and suffered a serious injury or the wrongful death of someone you love, you will be dealing with at least one insurance company that will do everything possible to minimize, delay or deny your claim. Without the help of an experienced, knowledgeable team of lawyers, you could lose your opportunity to receive the compensation you are due.

At O’DONNELL LAW FIRM, we have decades of experience fighting insurance companies on behalf of injured clients.

The Challenges Of The Insurance System
If you have been in an accident, an agent from your insurance company and the other party's insurance company will most likely make a settlement offer. While it will seem like a handsome offer at first, it will almost certainly fall well short of what you will need to cover your medical costs long-term, and it will most likely not come close to what you might be able to obtain with a knowledgeable lawyer at your side.

We Know Insurance Law
Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of insurance law. When the insurance industry was lobbying Congress to enact no-fault insurance law, Kathleen O'Donnell was asked to speak before the United States Senate Commerce Committee. Kathy has instructed legislators throughout the United States on various insurance issues.

Our attorneys will use our extensive knowledge and decades of experience to help you obtain the full measure of compensation available in your case. We are not afraid to go up against major insurance companies to get you the insurance payment you deserve.

Do Not Apologize For Seeking Legal Counsel
Many people are reluctant to call an attorney after suffering injuries in auto accidents or other accidents. They think "I am not the type of person to sue." The insurance company agents will try to convince you that it is better to avoid a lawsuit because they want to avoid litigation and avoid paying you what you deserve.

Do not let the insurance company win. The responsible party should be held responsible and you deserve full compensation.

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